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Quilted Lattice Ascot

Last night at my monthly knitting group, I was able to finish up my Quilted Lattice Ascot by designer Pam Powers. I knit this using Jasper yarn from Berroco, which I have plenty of in my stash. The three buttons came from my button collection.  This pattern calls for two strips of snap tape to be sewn under the lattice square for closure, but I found it easier just to sew the scarf closed, and just pull it on over my head. The buttons are sewn down, and while they function to close the top of the scarf, I find they are more ornamental. And that is what I like about Pam Power's designs: her use of buttons and other closures make it feel like you are wearing jewelry! 

Quick pic to show the neck-hugging style of the looks and feels great under my down coat: a necessity this winter in Michigan of day after day of subzero temperatures.