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2012 Christmas Knitting

Christmas 2012 is now in the books: the gifts have been exchanged, opened and even worn. Now I can post about the stealth knitting I have been working on since last March! 
First up are the Melody Fingerless Mitts I knit for my daughter Libby. I picked up this kit at Vogue Knitting Live! in Chicago, and had fun knitting with beads for the first time. The yarn was JoJoLand Melody Superwash sock yarn. Beads were black size 6.

My daughter Kristen was the sweater recipient for this year, and she had chosen this Drops design last January, along with several others. That way I could pick the one I wanted to knit from her choices, and she would still be surprised! I used Berocco Vintage yarn, which knitted up beautifully. This cardigan, knit in the worsted weight yarn, is very warm. Even though there is waist shaping, the more boxy style will lend itself to layering very easily.

 I immediately thought of my son's girlfriend, Cassie, when I saw this Vickie Howell pattern in a recent knit…

Lightening Shawl

I finished this KAL with Sweet Pea's Yarn and Gifts last Spring, and now that the weather is colder I got a chance to wear it. The Lightening Shawl is a fun project to knit, and using the variegated Mini Mochi yarn made this shawl look fabulous. I inadvertently added a couple of rows (count much?), which I noticed when I started to run short on yarn. Thanks to my fellow knitter Kathy, I was able to use what she had left from her shawl to finish mine. 

Here is a close-up......maybe a little too "close-up"! LOL Hard to take those pics of yourself with the camera phone and smile at the same time :-) I love the simple shawl pin I picked up last year at Knit Michigan.

Posts to this blog have been few and far between since there has been NO sewing going on, and all my knitting is for Christmas right now....."stealth" knitting, as we knitters like to call it! Look for a knitting-heavy post soon, and a year-end wrap up after that.  After the holidays, I'm looking …

Blogger Award

Thank you, Lori from Girls in the Garden, for nominating me for my first Blogger Award, the Very Inspiring Blog/One Lovely Blogger Award!

I'm thrilled that this came from Lori: an exceptional sewist, gardener, decorator, and Mom....not necessarily in that order :-) 
The rules of this award are:
1-Thank the person who nominated you. 2-Add The One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post. 3-Share 7 things about yourself. 4-Pass the award on to 10 nominees. 5-Inform you nominees by posting a comment on their blogs. are 7 things:
1- I love sushi, but only eat it in Chicago with my 2 daughters 2-My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and we work together 4 days/week. 3- I am an alum from the University of Michigan so my blood runs maize and blue ;-) 4-I belong to 2 knitting groups, and one quilting group, and I love my knitting and sewing buddies! 5-Dresses are my favorite garments to sew. 6-TV viewing: Project Runway (but of course!), Parenthood, The Good Wife, Mad M…