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February Lady Sweater

I've been knitting along on my February Lady Sweater and I think I am about halfway down the body. There are alot(!) of stitches in each row, and with the pattern repeat over 4 rows I have a goal of knitting at least 4 rows each time I pick it up. I really like the way it is coming out, and can't wait to get started on the sleeves....which should go much quicker! Or so says my friend Karen, who has already finished hers (and we chose to knit this project at the same time!).
It is also wonderful to see the sun shine for a change. I know Toby appreciates it too!

21 T-Shirts

My son is home from college this week for his spring break, and look what he brought home! I guess he just couldn't wait to use Mom's new front-loader washing machine. Let's see.....21 T-Shirts, one a day, that's 3 weeks before he needs to do laundry again!