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July 2018 American Sewing Guild: East Side Garment Group Meeting - Refashioning

A  challenge was proposed by our ASG group leader to refashion a garment for our July meeting. It was suggested that we visit a local thrift store, such as a Salvation Army store, or even search in our own closet for a garment, men's or women's, that might benefit from some refashioning.
 As an avid Pinterest pinner (LOTS of ideas for refashioning on Pinterest!), I had once considered remaking a men's shirt into an apron for myself, and had already purchased two shirts from Salvation Army for that purpose. But...that was a couple of years ago, and the shirts sat on my shelf, untouched. 
So, I decided to use this blue oxford stripe shirt in a Men's XXL for my ASG Challenge. I knew I wanted a summer tunic top, and I knew that I didn't want to cut up the shirt to use as fabric with a commercial pattern. I wanted to challenge myself to use the basic structure of the shirt and work from there.
First thing I did was cut off the sleeves and remove the chest pocket: