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McCall's 6741: Kristen's Rehearsal Dinner Dress (Aug 2015)

The summer of 2015 was one of wedding preparations in our house, anticipating our daughter Kristen's August wedding to her fiance Brett. Knowing that making a wedding dress was far outside of my skills set, I offered to make Kristen's rehearsal dinner dress....and she agreed! What fun for the Mother-of-the-Bride! I chose four different dress patterns that I thought might work with the Bride's wishes, and she liked McCall's 6741, View B. There is a lot to like about this design: it's a contemporary silhouette, it's lined....and it has pockets!

Using an ivory ponte as the base fabric, I found this lovely lace from JoAnn Fabrics in my stash to place as an overlay on the side panels. 

We both loved the fit and flare:

A big Thank you goes out to the sewing goddesses who were looking out for me, a perfect invisible zipper on the first try!

Those useful pockets are tucked into the princess that!

And I'm proud to say that the inside (Bemberg lining) …

Haruni: Kristen's Wedding Shawl (July 2015)

July 2015 found me knitting away on a Wedding Shawl, for my daughter Kristen, for her wedding in August 2015. I had been saving this pattern to knit for her: Haruni by designer Emily Ross, as I knew Kristen would love the vintage style of this design. I also knew that I would love knitting it! The beautiful floral border was perfect for the addition of the small, clear beads that I love to add to wedding shawls. And the easily memorized pattern gave me the opportunity to fill the knitting with loving thoughts and prayers for the Bride and her Groom.

                       Look closely, and you can see the beads placed along the spines, easy to add
                                         to the stitch (before knitting it) with a crochet hook:

                         Kristen's Matron-of-Honor, her sister Libby, had planned a fun Bachelorette
                        Weekend get-away in Nashville, TN, and it was there that I gave the Bride
                         her Wedding Shawl…

Calais: Cassie's Wedding Shawl (May 2015)

Back in May 2015, I was happily knitting along on a wedding shawl for my daughter-in-law to be. I love knitting wedding shawls, and knit the stitches with love and prayers for a happy future for the Bride and her Groom. For Cassie, I chose the pattern Calais by Judy Marples. Adding beads to wedding shawls make them extra special, and this pattern afforded me that opportunity with the beautiful eyelet border, where I was able to place clear beads along the knitted spines. 

I choose to gift the shawls to the Brides at their Bachelorette party, I know....not your usual Bachelorette gift! But I think when you see her smile that the Bride loved it: