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McCall's 7505

My daughter asked me to make McCall's 7505 in a jewel-tone purple for an upcoming wedding that she would be attending.         I found a great Poly fabric at my local JoAnns Fabric and Crafts:  very silky and drapey, perfect for this style.

Of course, those trumpet sleeves are the stars of the show, but  had to be shortened by 2 inches. I took off 1 inch where the flare meets the sleeve at the elbow, and one more inch at the sleeve hem.:

                                             Although this pattern does not offer a lining option, it
                                          was easy enough to line this dress with anti-static lining, also
                                                 from my local JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts store.

                                     My daughter loved wearing this dress to her college friend's
                                                      wedding last weekend in Portland, OR.:

and I think she looks fabulous! 

This is a great styl…

American Style and Spirit exhibit at the Henry Ford Musuem

I spent an enjoyable morning last weekend with my sewing buddy Karen as we took in The American Style and Spirit Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. A description of the exhibit from the Henry Ford website:

Walk through a living catalog of American style spanning 130 years. Rare in scope and detail, selected clothing from the collection brings the lives of the entrepreneurial Roddis family into sharp focus through fashion. Dozens of wearable time capsules — discovered carefully boxed up in the attic — tell an engaging epic of American style and spirit. Letters, photographs and heirloom objects bring to life the person behind each garment. As American as aspiration, the clothing reveals a sense of self-expression against a backdrop of history.

I snapped a few pics of the dresses I found memorable....either in design, choice of fabric or in the construction details. The exhibit is not set up chronologically, but rather by events in the women's lives who most likely wore …