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Make a Garment a Month: February McCall's 6460 & Vogue 8151

I am happy to say that I have TWO! garments for this month, using what I think is my favorite fabric of all time: this large houndstooth knit from Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, MI. I purchased this fabric at the Sewing Expo in Novi, MI 2 years ago, I believe, and it was just waiting for the right project(s). Enter: McCall's 6460 and Vogue 8151. The use of leather and it's cousin, faux leather/pleather, has been everywhere this year, and though I'm a little late to the party I wanted to jump on board. 

McCall's 6460 was the perfect choice, and a great pattern to work with since it is drafted with different fronts for the A/B-C-D cup sizes. The only alterations I needed were my usual sway back adjustment and to lower both the bust darts and the front darts by @ 3/4". 

(SO hard to photograph dark fabrics indoors.....winter....I'm over it !LOL)

There was absolutely no need to use a zipper here so I didn't. I would have cut this out as one piece if I had known…

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Quilt Guild Paint Chip Challenge

My local quilt guild, the Loose Threads, has a challenge this month: the Paint Chip Challenge. We were to choose paint chips that started with the initials of our name: first, middle/maiden/, last. And not just a simple color name like Pink, but more like the Pleased as Punch that I chose. Below you see the paint chips that match up with my initials: Pleased as Punch, Tree Fern, and Providence Gold (PTP). An additional same # of fabrics could be added, and I just needed to add one, my favorite white: Kona cotton in Snow.  The only restriction was one of size: the piece needs to be at least 45" on each side. I just made the cut with my 50" X 50" baby quilt. We have our monthly meeting next Monday when all will be revealed! After that I will post a finished photo.
It will be fun to see what this creative bunch of quilters has made :-)