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The Great Module SewAlong: Reveal!

Today is the big reveal for my entry into #thegreatmodulesewalongon Instagram, hosted by Whitney @tomkatstitcherycarmel and Carla @carlamayfield5

Back in January, after hearing about the Module Sew Along on Whitney's You Tube channel, I started to give the whole idea some thought. I pulled fabrics from my stash, purchased one or two, and started to think about pairing the fabrics with patterns. I was able to use patterns from my collection as well, with the only exception being a pattern purchase from Megan Nielsen Patterns: the Tania Culottes. I  had already purchased this pattern for the January Sew My Style challenge. If you look closely, not all fabric in the pile was used, and not every pattern I had initially pulled  was used either.  I've never been as organized and and considerate in my choice of garments to sew, and I really liked this approach! 

From left to right:
Simplicity 9020: a loungewear set consisting of an oversized boxy T shirt and pair of joggers (with poc…

Feelin' cozy with Simplicity 9020

This project is my final make for #thegreatmodulesewalong! I decided that since I mostly sew clothes that are appropriate for my office job, I really needed to sew some lounge wear. Having recently purchased Simplicity 9020, I went ahead and cut it out using this lovely Italian knit that I had purchased years ago from Mood Fabrics.
Trust me, I DID read the pattern notes re sizing, but this pattern is VERY oversized!! I cut my usual size LG for the top, and cut an XL for the bottoms for cozy comfort, and had to take both pieces in substantially.  I kept the side seam pockets on the pants (of course!), but left off the small back pocket which I knew I would never use.
Adding cuffs to the sleeves brought the arm fullness in a bit, and made the top a more practical garment.
The result: wearable, but still oversized.

It was so fun to add some text to the very plain gray knit, using my Silhouette machine and some heat transfer vinyl.

I enjoyed the quick result and plan to make more lounge …

Toaster Sweater for my Module: Top #2

I've been sewing along on my Wardrobe Module for The Great Module Sewalong, and recently  put together Simplicity 8529, the Toaster Sweater which is a collaboration with the Sew House Seven pattern designer company. 
This is a very popular pattern in the sewing community, first with Sew House Seven and then again with Simplicity. It's clean lines and of-the-moment design makes it fun to sew and to wear. I must say, I really like the high funnel collar: not quite a cowl, and not quite a turtleneck!

I purchased this lovely ivory knit from Beautiful Textiles, and it sewed like a dream. Well, the fabric was lovely to sew, but my serger decided to act up!! I guess I've been walking a fine line with needing new cutting blades, so off it  went to the repairman for a spa date! New blade(s), clean-up and tune-up and soon I'll be back serging again.
(my machine serged fine with a test piece-I ALWAYS do a test serge first-and sewed fine on the straight, but NOT on any curve. It&…

Blackwood Cardigan in Leopard!

I am participating in the Great Module Sewalong with Whitney from TomKat Stitchery and Carla from Stay Stitching, both on YouTube. The Module is to consist of 6 coordinating pieces: 2 bottoms, 3 tops, a topper (could be a cardigan, blazer, jacket) and I will add one extra, a dress. 
This is my topper, the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet, which I have made twice before! This is the perfect pattern for an open cardigan, so why mess with a good thing!  I found this leopard print sweater knit at Hobby Lobby, which was a fun surprise since I rarely shop there for garment fabrics. 

I make absolutely no alterations to this pattern, sewing it right up out of the pattern envelope, and have been happy every time. But I have to say that this one is my favorite!

Next up is a Sew House Seven/Simplicity pattern toaster Sweater, that I hope to squeeze out of an ivory knit. 
I am enjoying the motivation from sewing along with this Module Challenge!

Knitting for the Grandkids: 2019 Birthdays

I used to do a lot of Christmas knitting.....but then our family started growing by leaps and bounds!  It made more sense to me to transition to Birthday knitting, which is much more fun as it is spread out across the calendar year. This includes the adults as well as the kiddos!
I use this blog as a journal where I keep track of my makes, and when doing a 2019 review, I found that I hadn't documented many of those Birthday projects from last year. So, to catch up:
Jolene has a July birthday, so I knit the Melissa Tank for her out of Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima, which is a 100% cotton yarn. As you can see she looks so cute wearing it as a vest, or can be worn like a tank in warmer weather.

Emersyn turned One (!) in September, and knitting up the Bellarose shrug for her was lots of fun! That shade of purple in another Cascade yarn: the  220 Superwash Aran is so pretty on her.

Desmond and Rose are siblings, with November birthdays that are a day apart. I was thinking that if I wanted …

HotPatterns: DL Classix Nouveau Swingy Knit Top (HP 1233)

I've had this pattern, the HotPatterns 1233: DL Classix Nouveau Swingy Knit Top for  quite some time now, and decided to give it a go using a red  ponte from my stash.
It was the simple lines of the front of the design that first got my attention, but then would you take a look at that back! Love the soft pleats that fall from from the lowered back neckline!

This is a pretty quick and easy project, and one I can see making again. I sewed up a size 14 straight from the envelope without any alterations. I have sewn several HotPatterns tops before, so I  felt confident with the fit after doing some flat pattern  measurements.
This vibrant red is perfect for a cold and gloomy Midwestern February, and appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Garment Sewing: My 2020 Winter Module

Trying something new in 2020, I've decided to participate in 
The Great Module Sew Along Challenge, which runs from Jan 28 - March 24, 
 hosted by Whitney at TomKat Stitchery.
I am calling this my Winter Module, as it is very much WINTER here in the Midwest, and will 
continue to be well into March/April.
I've been intrigued by the capsule/module wardrobe idea for awhile now, but have never dipped 
my toes in. I'm a one-garment-at-a-time sewist, so this is a bit outside of my comfort zone.
 Garment sewing is the one area of my creative life where I don't have WIPs (works in progress)
stashed away. When I want to sew a garment,  I pick a pattern & fabric, and sew it up.
With module sewing, there is more advanced planning, and I'm giving it a try!
This Module Sew Along Challenge includes 6 garments that 
will be able to coordinate together for many options to combine into different outfits:

2 bottoms: pants or skirt 
3 tops
1 topper: jacket, cardigan, etc
And as dre…