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I was featured in Be In Style!

I received an email last week from Susan, the editor at the website Pocket Change asking to feature my blog  in the Best of the Web: Style section. Seems that Susan had seen the post of my Easter dress, and thought her readers may be interested! There is also a shout-out noting my recent post of the mock-wrap dress (McCalls 6163).  Click around the site a bit. There are some fascinating links to other bloggers, interesting articles to read and a little shopping too :-)!

New Look 6915

New Look 6915
I find that I don't spend much time shopping for ready-to-wear clothing for myself anymore....I have lots of ideas, patterns and fabric for items that I just would rather sew. But I did go shopping a couple of times in the last month or so, and was amazed at how many times I saw tops in this style in the stores. This pattern goes back a year or two maybe, and I like the longer length and breezy style. 

I used one of JoAnn Fabrics "silky prints" in my favorite colorway of this summer: yellow, gray, white and black. I've been sewing with knits so much lately, it was fun to work with this fabric. I found I had to stabilize the hems at the sleeves and bottom hem as this fabric wanted to curl and tunnel on itself. Other than that, the only adjustments I made were to add 1" in length, and ease out the side seams from 5//8" to 1/4". No FBA necessary, and I love the cut-on drapey cowl. This is a quick and easy top to make!


Watch out....this girl's doing some serious spray painting!

McCall's 6163 mock wrap dress

I wanted to sew McCall's 6163 for my daughter Libby who loves wearing knit dresses like these to work . The idea of a faux wrap was intriguing, and I've seen other bloggers post of their successes with this pattern. I sewed this up straight out of the pattern envelope, with minor style changes.

I snagged this cute knit at my local JoAnn's for a song (and so did Lynne, I see!), inspired by a chevron wrap dress that I had seen by Diane von Furstenberg. I made a self-fabric binding to use as facing at the neckline and the bodice wrap front, and eliminated the collar.  This served to raise the neckline a little bit, which it needed. I also stitched down the bodice wrap so it wouldn't gape open. Libby was thrilled with it, and I wish I would have snagged a picture of her the night we went to see The Jersey Boys in Chicago.....but I forgot.

 Love the small gathers, or ruching, at the side. Makes this form-fitting dress very comfortable to wear.

I was happy with the finished…

My Birthday Surprise!

Wow....what a great Birthday I had this year! Sort of my "Golden Birthday" since I was born in '56 and turned 56 with this birthday :-) My family decided to celebrate with a surprise wine tasting (Wines for Humanity), with my closest family and friends. The party was spear-headed by my oldest daughter Libby, who came up with this fun idea! She did all the organizing and work behind the scenes leading up to the party, and then took me out for a "girls' day" with lunch, shopping and a manicure, while my husband and 2 sons cleaned and set up for the party. Sorely missed on this day was my daughter Kristen, who had to stay back in Chicago and study for her grad school final exams: missed her so much, but she was there in spirit!
 Libby told me that we would be celebrating with a surprise with my husband and sons later, so I was thinking reservations had been made for a fun dinner out somewhere. When we arrived close to home, Libby placed a blindfold over my ey…


I've been seeing terrariums all over Pinterest and some of the home design shops like West Elm and Crate & Barrel. I remember making one "way back when" when I was in high school, and wanted to make another. Enter my daughter Kristen, who gifted me with this great glass container for Mother's Day:
I purchased some aquarium stone, special potting soil for succulents, and harvested some moss from one of our shade beds, adding to that four cute little plants.

I love it!