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U of M Football Stadium renovation

If you are a University of Michigan fan, alumnus or city of Ann Arbor resident, I'm sure you have an opinion on the renovation of the Big House! Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? Well, as a good friend told me: "It is what it is"......and I guess not a lot we can do about it :-) Check out this video of the project:
And check out the webcam, it is fascinating to watch:
I am a little sad to see the changes, bigger is not always better IMHO. But I will welcome the restroom renovations, that's for sure! Go Blue!

Brownie Pops!

Take a look at the yummy dessert I made this weekend for my niece's high school graduation open house. Pretty simple really, just a brownie on a stick dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. I think the key is the idea of putting the brownies in the freezer (after they have cooled) for about an hour to firm them up before putting in the stick. They were well-received at the party!

June 3

Happy Birthday to ME!