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T-shirt Quilt-Let's Cheer!

A friend of a friend of a friend contacted me a few months back about the possibility of finishing a T-shirt quilt. The quilt had been started several years ago for her daughter by the daughter's Grandma, but Grandma had passed away before she could finish. Of course I would help! This quilter had already fused the T-shirt blocks, and purchased the fabric for the sashing, cornerstones, and borders, along with the batting. My contribution was the purple pin dot fabric for the backing which I thought was a nice compliment to the fun, bright quilt front!

Love my new Juki for machine quilting!!!!

I like to use a meander stitch in the quilt blocks, but to keep it fun and interesting (for both me and the recipient!) I like to isolate a motif in each block if able. This can best be seen by looking at the back of the quilt:

Both my client and her daughter were pleased with the finished product, and so happy to have Grandma's work to remember her by.


Snail's Trail wall quilt

Quite a few (!) years ago I attended a workshop with my local quilt group and made this Snail's Trail wall quilt. It was fun to dive into my collection of batik fabrics for this project, and I love how the colors worked out. This project lingered for quite a while as I just couldn't decide on a pattern for the quilting. I ended up quilting simple spirals, which I think enhanced the circular motion of the design. This one hangs in one of the treatment rooms of my husband's dental office.

 Batik Snail's Trail  size: 40.5" X 40.5"