Sunday, February 28, 2010

Butterick 5244

Butterick 5244 was next on the list of projects using stash fabric more than 6 months old. I know this piece of herringbone poly knit is much older than that, but as usual I can't remember where I purchased it, maybe It is a pretty stable knit with moderate stretch, just what this pattern called for. I loved the swingy, A-line shape and the sort of 'retro 60's' vibe. One of my sewing goals this year (along with cataloguing my fabric purchases detailing where, when, yardage and cost for starters!) is to energize my wardrobe with a few more trendy pieces.

Love this collar, so easy with the yoke and facings pieces, and love the covered buttons!
I think, after sewing for over 40 (!) years, that these are my first welt pockets?! Well, don't look too close, I need a little more practice :-) But I love having pockets in my garments.

So that makes 4 projects in a row that I have been really pleased with, so I must be on a roll! Now to finish my Tie One On wrap for the Knitting Olympics.....closing ceremonies are this evening!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Crafty sewing

I've been wanting a cover for my IPod Touch for some time now, and spent some time searching all the patterns on Ravelry for a pattern to knit one. I didn't quite find what I wanted, since I had a very definite idea in mind of what it would look like and how it would function for me. First off, it had to have a pocket for my earbuds, and be 'cushy' to protect the IPod somewhat. I had this felted sweater in my craft closet, left over from Christmas when I used one of the sleeves to make a wine bag (wish I would have snapped a pic B4 I gave it away). So, in less time than I spent cruising Ravelry I made up this little number, and it is exactly what I wanted:

Then, since my little Brother entry-level embroidery machine (PE 150) was back from the repair shop, I decided to put it to work monogramming the pillowcases to my new sheet set:

This little machine cost next to nothing several years ago when my husband bought it for me, and has only had the one problem that was easily repaired. It is a little workhorse. I have used it for many projects, although it is limited by the 4" X 4" field. I plan to upgrade in a few years, but not yet. I don't use it enough to justify the expense right now. I do have fun playing with this one, tho!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Look 6802

Another finished project, entered in the Stash contest on PatternReview. And that's the problem with my stash.....there is alot of it, and half the time I can't remember where or when I purchased it! I know I bought this fabric a year or 2 ago, maybe from Gorgeous Fabrics?? I don't usually wear much red, tho this is more an orangey-red with brown accents. Funny thing about this fabric, it is actually the focus fabric on the pattern envelope: pure coincidence! I didn't need to make too many alterations to this pattern, and now I see why it is such a popular dress pattern. I did raise the v-neck by 1 inch tho. I plan on sewing this one again, that's for sure :-)

Shown with the required cardi for a Michigan winter:

This front twist is actually a separate bodice piece, easy-peasy:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mossy Jacket for Baby

The Mossy Jacket is finished and delivered to my daughter, who is gifting this to a work colleague for his new baby girl. I love the orange and blue combination, and since when I cast on for this project I didn't know if it was for a boy or girl I thought this would work either way :-)
This sweater worked up quickly and easily in the Magic Garden Buttons yarn, size 12 months, and I can't wait to see a picture of it on the baby!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

I seem to making slow progress on my Tie One On shawl. It's and easy and fun knit so far, but I find myself putting it in my lap to watch the athletes in action too much! One thing I do despise is the abundance of commercial breaks on NBC.....seems I have heard somewhere that the Olympic committee is considering a dedicated channel to cover the Olympics. I can only hope it is commercial-free! But using the DVR helps zip through the commercials, that's for sure. One of my favorite things about the Olympics is the televising of the award ceremonies. Although I love to see athletes from the USA on the podium, the sheer joy that most of the winners exhibit is touching. Hannah Kearney, and Alexandre Bilodeau are two athletes, kids really, whose medal award ceremony brought a little tear to my eye! Then there is Shaun White, that kid is a riot! There is so much coverage, and so much action, that I really only get to see a small snippet each night (Univ of Michigan basketball was on last night too!!!), but I am enjoying what little I get to watch.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hot Patterns 1092 Pyramid Bag

The Hot Patterns Pyramid Bag is finished! I love the size, and the groovy zebra print!, which is actually brown and cream, not black and white like it looks in the photo. This is one BIG bag, but I think it will be perfect to use as a carry-on when I travel. Lots of pockets both inside and out.

As you can see, I used a pretty pink quilting cotton from my stash for the lining.

A separating zipper allows access to both sides of this large bag. I also added a self-fabric 'lanyard' for my keys, and they will drop right into the pocket and be easy to find.

Zipper close-up:

I think I'll get a lot of use out of this bag, which is big enough to hold all the essentials for travel. When not traveling, I think it will make a great knitting bag for large projects.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

Since I am an avid reader of the Yarn Harlots knitting blog, I thought that this time I would participate in the Knitting Olympics. Yes, I KNOW I have lots of knitting UFOs right now, but
I love knowing that I am knitting along with many others who are committing to one project while watching the amazing athletic competitions that are the Olympics. So, I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies last night for the Tie One On wrap, using ArtYarns Mohair Splash.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Patterns 1092

I've been working on Hot Patterns 1092: Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag, in a jazzy zebra canvas print. I know this will end up to be a rather large sized bag when finished, but I wanted a new bag to use as a carryon when I travel. The lining is a Michael Miller quilting cotton from my stash, and I will put in a separating zipper for the top closure. I've made several bags along the way, and tho I love the style and size of the Pyramid bag, the construction has some steps that I wonder about. Stitching and then turning the handles, and the method of applying velcro to the pocket flaps are a couple of them. I plan to finish this bag this week, and will post pics of the completed project then!