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It's a new year where did 2007 go? Every year goes by more quickly that's for sure!
The weeks fly by and sometimes I feel like I just go day-to-day without really getting anything done, but I think if I were to take an 'inventory' of sorts (this is where this blog will come in handy!) I might be surprised at how much I actually do accomplish. Not only with things knit and sewn, but also with time spent with friends and family. Of course, a new year is a time for new beginnings.....and tho this year may have started with things both fun and NOT so fun, I plan to 'take stock' if you will, and chart a road map for 2008. Okay, so January is half over......I still have half of the month of January left. Is the glass half empty or half full????
SO...drumroll please.....for 2008:

** less TV, more reading. I don't think at least one book a month is unreasonable
**more garment sewing, focusing on fit, especially for my two daughters living in Chicago