Wednesday, August 24, 2016

HotPatterns 1196: Urban Gypsy Blouse

What a fun and on-trend design from Trudy at Hotpatterns! I was stepping a bit outside of my comfort zone with this one, since I think I am usually fairly conservative in my wardrobe choices....although I am trying to work on that LOL!

This top was a lot of fun to put together too, thanks to Trudy's design and instructions. Note that the elastic runs from shoulder to shoulder, across the back and shoulders only, with a solid band at the front 'neckline', and also has side front bust darts. That appealed to me as tops that are gathered across the front are not figure flattering in my case. Also, the cut of the neckline is spot on....after wearing this top out to dinner I found I never felt like it was slipping out of position, and was very comfortable.
I had no issues sewing this up straight from the alterations needed.

And I loved the floaty ties at the sleeve edge too!

This fabric has been languishing in my stash for more years than I can best guess is that it is a poly, peachskin most likely. I was worried that it would be hot and sticky, but that wasn't the case. It turned out to be perfect for this top :-)

Cheesy photo below, showing how pleased I am with my new summer wardrobe addition:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vogue 9072: Kristen's little Flower Girl

Oh boy, life can get in the way of blogging sometimes! I was determined to get the posts from my daughter's wedding finished at LEAST by her one year anniversary......coming in just under the wire!

I volunteered to make the little Flower Girl dress for the groom's niece, because I knew it would be so much FUN! There really aren't too many patterns that fit the bill, but no worries, Vogue 9072 was perfect.

My daughter, the bride, had a vision of the dress for her flower girl, and wanted a sash with a big bow on the back, in a color to match the bridesmaids dresses. Although I had the flower girl's measurements, she lives in Illinois, and I live in Michigan, so it helped  to pull up some information on the David's Bridal website to reference their sizes for a starting off point.

Luckily, my local JoAnn Fabrics had the perfect dotted tulle for the skirt overlay, and the satin for both the dress and the bow. I was able to source the lining from my stash. In order for the bow to stand up and not collapse due it's size, I underlined/stuffed it with some stiff netting. I also used the same netting gathered in horiziontal rows and stitched to the lining, between the lining and dress fabric, to function like a crinoline so the skirt would pouf out a bit. My daughter loved it, and I think the little Flower Girl had fun in her fancy dress!

And I couldn't resist making this little dolly's dress for the flower girl, so they could 'match'. It was a quick crochet project, and I had no trouble finding matching ribbon for the sash in my ribbon stash. 

The Bride and Groom will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary next how time flies!