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Madeline X 2 for Halloween!


Just look at those girls! Little sweethearts, for sure (I should know, I'm their Grandma!).
My daughter Kristen has always loved dressing up for Halloween, and now she has a blast dressing  her 2 daughters ages 3 and 8 months for the holiday.
At the beginning of Sept she sent me a text with a photo of some Madeline costumes she had  seen on Etsy, with the comment: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?" YES! I jumped right on board and offered to sew the costumes for my granddaughters, as I knew I would have as much fun sewing them as they would have wearing them.
I knew I had Simplicity 4243 in my pattern stash.  I had made it before and so I  knew it would fit baby Estie:

Lucky for me, I have a sewing buddy who loves vintage patterns and often gifts me with  them when she finds them when scouring estate sales.
 This one is a Vintage Simplicity 5948 from 1965:

which was a perfect fit for Jolene, age 3! A quick run to JoAnn Fabrics for the blue twill, and  I was …