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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just a Quilt?

The members of the Metro Detroit Quilt Guild have a wonderful and ongoing community service project which they call the Storybook Quilt Collection. Children's books that have quilts somewhere in the storyline are chosen, and then individual quilt guild members make up small quilts that relate to the books. The collection is then made available on loan to libraries, teachers, and other civic groups to display and share with adults and kids alike. The collection is made up of several mini-collections, and the guild is always on the look-out for new books and quilts to make. I picked up the Just a Quilt? book at the guild's Nov. meeting, and put together this simple but bright quilt to add to the collection:

Size: 27" X 37"
String-pieced on muslin squares(6" finished) with strips from my scrap pile, polyester batting, and machine quilted on my Bernina 1260.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Workshop with Gwen Marston: quilt finished!

Size: 26.5" X 28"
Cotton fabrics, Warm and Natural batting
Machine quilted on my domestic Bernina 1260.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Winter Scarf

I knitted this hat a few months back for my son, who wanted a "light gray hat with dark gray stripes". Then he also requested a nice, long scarf that he could wrap around his neck to keep him warm as he walks across campus. Using what was left from the hat, I made this scarf with just enough of a diagonal pattern to keep things interesting:

This pattern, the ScWiNoNa (Ravelry link) scarf on Ravelry fit the bill perfectly. Knit with Berrocco UltraAlpaca and Berrocco Blackstone Tweed, the finished size blocked to be just short of 8 feet long, which is perfect for my son's 6'5" frame :-) I was able to give it to him when he was home for Easter, and when the temperature here in Michigan was in the 70's! But I'm not worried, we've had some colder days since, and there is always next year :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010