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Stitches Midwest recap

I think it was 10 years ago or so that I last went to Stitches Midwest, so I thought it was time for another trip! First stop was at Honey Biscuit in Mount Prospect, IL to fuel up for the fun day ahead. Yes, that is one delicious cinnamon roll pancake on the right.....heavenly!

                         After a couple of hours of shopping the vendors, and soaking in the colors and textures of so many beautiful yarns, it was time to take a break and sit in on Karla Overland of Cherrywood Fabrics lecture on the color challenges for quilters that she has facilitated over the last few years.

               The first time I went to Stitches, I was a bit overwhelmed at the offerings much yarn! So many colors and fiber choices! Patterns with samples to consider and try on! THIS time, I made a list (yes!), and only veered from it a little
               Below, you can see my haul for the day: the green and gray bulky Valley Yarns from WEBS are for two donation toddler sweaters, t…