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Garment Sewing: My 2020 Winter Module

Trying something new in 2020, I've decided to participate in 
The Great Module Sew Along Challenge, which runs from Jan 28 - March 24, 
 hosted by Whitney at TomKat Stitchery.
I am calling this my Winter Module, as it is very much WINTER here in the Midwest, and will 
continue to be well into March/April.
I've been intrigued by the capsule/module wardrobe idea for awhile now, but have never dipped 
my toes in. I'm a one-garment-at-a-time sewist, so this is a bit outside of my comfort zone.
 Garment sewing is the one area of my creative life where I don't have WIPs (works in progress)
stashed away. When I want to sew a garment,  I pick a pattern & fabric, and sew it up.
With module sewing, there is more advanced planning, and I'm giving it a try!
This Module Sew Along Challenge includes 6 garments that 
will be able to coordinate together for many options to combine into different outfits:

2 bottoms: pants or skirt 
3 tops
1 topper: jacket, cardigan, etc
And as dre…

My finished Throwback sweater!

My Throwback sweater is arguably the fastest sweater I have ever knit...and I love it!
I did a dive into my stash and found enough Patons Classic Wool and I was on my way.
In less than a month I have this cozy, warm sweater that is perfect for our Michigan winters.
Designer Andrea Mowry continues to impress me with her designs and has become one of my 
favorite pattern designers.  (I currently have one of her brioche shawls on my needles, and plan to
 focus on that over the next few weeks.)

Below is my sweater after a full wet block before picking up stitches to knit the front bands:

Another couple of quick photos before heading out to work this morning:

This sweater pattern has been very popular with the knitting community since it 
was released in August, 2018 and I can see why.
 What's NOT to love about this pattern? The colorwork makes quite a statement,
and is so fun and addicting to knit. I also love the wide ribbing at the cuffs and hem.
I would recommend this pattern to a…