New Look 6213 and HotPatterns 1216: Garden Party Tee

Every now and then my finished sewing project doesn't meet up with the expectations that I may 
have had for it....take New Look 6213 for instance:

I love everything about this pattern: cute tie, length, V-neck.
The pattern noted that there was an allowance for ease of 7 inches. As I usually make an
FBA of 3-4,  I decided not to make the FBA and only add an inch to the side seams.
Not enough.
And there are no bust darts, but notice the gathering at the neckline instead.
I also failed to see the more cut-in shoulder.....not a favorite style for me.

This silky poly from JoAnn Fabrics is so cute though.....right? 'wearable muslin' is wearable, under a sweater tho, due to the wonky fit.
I plan to make this one again, now that I know what adjustments to make, as it was fun 
to sew up with a clever way to approach that neckline. Just watch for stretch there, as
it is all bias!

I had more success with HotPatterns 1216: Garden Party Tee, which is my usual experience
with HotPatterns.  

Since I've made this before, and knew it would fit great, I went right to the serger for construction. 
The polka dot is a cotton knit, and the floral chiffon was purchased at a local  fabric discounter.

                                  I did add a couple of inches at the hem to the chiffon flounce,
                                                        and finished it with a narrow hem.

Thought I've had it in my head to combine polka dots with this floral chiffon, I wasn't
quite sure that I liked it. Did it need a scarf to tie it all together?

                   In the end, I decided against the scarf, I think it was just a little too matchy-matchy LOL!

                  Besides, I really LOVE that chiffon, and want to use what I have left for a kimono top/jacket.


  1. Very attractive! Did you adjust the neckline?

  2. I think both tops look great, and I wish the New Look one would have worked out for you. I really like the style of that one.

    1. Me too, Vanessa! But I plan to revisit it with some alterations that I believe will correct the issues I had with this pattern. Stay tuned!

  3. I made the New Look pattern with the cold shoulder sleeves. I was not real thrilled with it. The fit was fine and I liked that all the draping was at the center front, not the hips. but my fabric color was blah. Love the fabric combination you used on the T shirt!


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