Almost like a religious conversion!

Okay, okay......I drank the Kool-aid! I now know the advantages of making a muslin....who says you can't teach an OLD dog new tricks! Making the muslin made making my coat a pure joy:

1: Having made the muslin once already, the directions were so much more clear the second time around

2: I could sew happily away knowing that the fit would be spot-on, unlike my pre-muslin days when I would sew away holding my breath *hoping* the fit would be adequate

When I can, I hope to try/learn something new when I sew, with both quilting and garment-making. This time, the skill set attempted was to 'build' out the cap of the coat sleeve with a sleeve header. Easy-peasy, and makes all the difference in the world in the way the coat hangs off of the shoulder.

I need to thank Lori V from the Sew Forth Now podcast for her show on making muslins...
she does a great job each week getting out the information that we who sew need to hear!

I do have some knitting content in this post .....

These are the hats I've been making from smariek's pattern : the gray one is knit from Cascade 220, the green one from Moda Dea washable wool, and the cream is Lion Brand cashmere blend.
Since this photo was taken, I have reknit the crown of the green hat, making it less 'cone-shaped'. I guess I lost track counting the cables! I would have reknit the gray one too, but my daughter took it back with her to Chicago after Thanksgiving :-) This is a fun, quick pattern!


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