Friday, September 12, 2008

Vogue Fabrics

Things have settled down here a bit, so I thought I'd update this blog with what I have done over the summer. I made a quick trip to Chicago to see my daughters. My daughter Kristen works in Evanston, so what's a girl to do but make a stop at Vogue Fabrics!
Don't be fooled, this is not a 'fancy' fabric store in the least, but who cares? People like me who love fabric go there for one reason...for the fabric! This was my first (and certainly not last!) trip to Vogue Fabrics, and I wasn't disappointed. Good thing I left room in my suitcase to bring home some goodies:
From top to bottom: a lusciously soft knit, black menswear with a subtle pin-stripe, blue lycra knit and a lightweight woven. Hopefully, I will be posting finished garments made with these fabrics in the coming months!

After work, Kristen met up with my oldest daughter Libby and me for dinner, and her recommendation to eat at Praire Moon was spot-on! The beer menu at Prairie Moon is least that what my daughters said (gee-give me a pale ale with a slice of citrus and I'm good to go!). It was fun that our waiter Alex really knew his beer too, and so we ended up doing a 'beer-tasting' along with our delicious meal. Let's see, it started out like this:and ended up like this (take note that now it's *dark*outside....guess we stayed awhile!):

Spending time with my kids always means so much to me, and I'm flattered that they let me into their world once in awhile. Trust me, had you asked, I would never have said that I would drink a 'black' stout named Dragon's Breath! But, what's that saying, "when in Rome...."??

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