Monday, January 26, 2009

Franklin book signing

I took a trip to Lansing, MI last Sunday.....Franklin Habit was in town teaching a class on
Saturday at ThreadBear FiberArts, and to do a book signing of his book It Itches on Sunday.
So, off we went: Karen, Debbie and myself. Of course, the $20 store coupon was burning a hole in my knitting bag, and that was incentive to make the trip also! I met an important goal for my knitting also: I was able to complete the sweater project that I purchased the yarn for last year when we traveled to ThreadBear to sit for Franklin's 1,000 Knitters Project photo shoot. Of course, since I finished my sweater, I allowed myself to buy yarn for another one :-) I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the goodies I picked up, and what's on my needles at the moment.

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