Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book review: 101 Designer One Skein Wonders

Since I have many single skeins of yarn, purchased 'just because', I picked up this book.

I thought many of the projects were cute, and would help me put those single skeins to good use. So, in good faith I cast on for the Eyelet Shrug with a lovely eggplant Vanna's Choice.
After several starts, I was unable to get it to work, and so I looked online to see if there were corrections to the pattern. I was really suprised as my printer kicked out seven (7!) pages of errrata for this book! I also have the first One-Skein book,

so I looked for corrections for that one also, and found the same thing: multiple pages of corrections! Is it me, or is it just unreal to plunk down @$20 for a book, and then have all these corrections after the fact? Someone in the editing department was just in too much of a hurry, I think. After meeting last night with my Monday Caribou knitting friends, and having Karen work through the sketchy pattern with me One More Time(!), I think I might have a handle on it.
But trust me, if I hit another roadblock with this should-be-easy-to-knit shrug, I will abandon ship and cast on for my February Lady Sweater, which is what I want to be knitting right now anyway.............

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