Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quilt Workshop with Gwen Marston

I had the pleasure of taking a full-day workshop with Gwen Marston, exploring the use of solids in making abstract quilts. Gwen shared with us her techniques and views regarding making quilts in a more "liberated" fashion: no patterns or precision piecing here! Working in this way is really stepping outside the box for me, but I must say I really enjoyed myself! I've been considering working in a more intuitive and improvisational direction, and this workshop sealed the deal for me. As Gwen said, it is like "playing at your sewing machine", and I agreed. I can't wait to do more. Below you can see my piece from the workshop in progress:

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  1. Just discovered your blog via your review of the HotPatterns Pyramid Bag on I love what you did in Gwen's workshop . . . she's a longtime favorite of mine and a terrific quilting inspiration.