Crafty sewing

I've been wanting a cover for my IPod Touch for some time now, and spent some time searching all the patterns on Ravelry for a pattern to knit one. I didn't quite find what I wanted, since I had a very definite idea in mind of what it would look like and how it would function for me. First off, it had to have a pocket for my earbuds, and be 'cushy' to protect the IPod somewhat. I had this felted sweater in my craft closet, left over from Christmas when I used one of the sleeves to make a wine bag (wish I would have snapped a pic B4 I gave it away). So, in less time than I spent cruising Ravelry I made up this little number, and it is exactly what I wanted:

Then, since my little Brother entry-level embroidery machine (PE 150) was back from the repair shop, I decided to put it to work monogramming the pillowcases to my new sheet set:

This little machine cost next to nothing several years ago when my husband bought it for me, and has only had the one problem that was easily repaired. It is a little workhorse. I have used it for many projects, although it is limited by the 4" X 4" field. I plan to upgrade in a few years, but not yet. I don't use it enough to justify the expense right now. I do have fun playing with this one, tho!


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