Knitting Olympics 2010

I seem to making slow progress on my Tie One On shawl. It's and easy and fun knit so far, but I find myself putting it in my lap to watch the athletes in action too much! One thing I do despise is the abundance of commercial breaks on NBC.....seems I have heard somewhere that the Olympic committee is considering a dedicated channel to cover the Olympics. I can only hope it is commercial-free! But using the DVR helps zip through the commercials, that's for sure. One of my favorite things about the Olympics is the televising of the award ceremonies. Although I love to see athletes from the USA on the podium, the sheer joy that most of the winners exhibit is touching. Hannah Kearney, and Alexandre Bilodeau are two athletes, kids really, whose medal award ceremony brought a little tear to my eye! Then there is Shaun White, that kid is a riot! There is so much coverage, and so much action, that I really only get to see a small snippet each night (Univ of Michigan basketball was on last night too!!!), but I am enjoying what little I get to watch.


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