Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterick 5244 for Kristen

My favorite dress for 2010 was this Butterick 5244:
and I find I wear it alot since it is so comfortable. My daughter Kristen said she liked the style too, and picked out some lovely knit from my stash when she was home for the Christmas holidays. I bumped this project for her up to the top of my list, since she was such a sweetheart to do THIS for me while she was home:

Can you believe it? It took her several days to organize my large inventory of sewing patterns, and now that they are listed in a spreadsheet and filed with the pattern envelopes neatly in 3-ring binders I can find things so much easier! Having the bulky pattern pieces filed separately in manila envelopes sure helps.

 I have so many garments that I can't wait to make up now that I can see what patterns I have. Next I'll need to organize my fabric .....just don't hold your breath for that. Kristen has left that chore up to me!! 

Below are pics of B5244 on my dress form, since Kristen lives in another state. I'll try to post a photo of her wearing it at a later date :-)

I love how this knit looks like a woven wool fabric:


  1. Your pattern organization looks great. Doesn't become overwhelming quickly when you don't keep up??!!
    The dress is great. And yes, it looks exactly like a woven! I love a short sleeve wool dress!

  2. Beautiful and your pattern organization is awesome! LOL

  3. Your dress is great! Thanks for reminding me about this pattern.

  4. ooooo i love it!! can't wait to try it on!

  5. Really like this dress!

    Love the way you have organized your patterns. I have mine in sleeves in binders but, never thought to put all the bulky pattern pieces and directions in envelopes in a file cabinet! Would certainly cut down on having so many binders stuff full of all that!