Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simplicity 2224

My project for Week #3 SONP (Summer of no Pants) was this light and breezy skirt from Simplicity 2224.
I used a very lightweight cotton seersucker due to the many gathers at the waist/hip. This is such a cute pattern in theory, but does absolutely nothing for no pics of my wearing it :-) It's not a complete wadder tho, it will be light and airy to wear in the hot months ahead in the privacy of my own home. 

I love those cute oversized pockets, but they do droop open more than I'd like. We'll see....I may add a button to the pocket band. This skirt has an elastic waist, and the cotton twill tie at the center front is decorative only.

I have already cut out the pants from this pattern in a very drapey linen blend. I may leave off the pockets, not sure.


  1. Your skirt looks so pretty on the hanger. Try it on with a lot of different tops - you might find that it looks a lot better on you than you first thought once you find the right top for it. It looks too nice to just wear at home.

  2. I wonder if you put a button on the pockets at the band, if it will change how it looks on you? It looks very cute. I agree with Eugenia, keep trying different tops or maybe a belt.

  3. Very pretty. I cast on for the broken rib tank after seeing it on your blog. I hope mine comes out as nice as yours did.

  4. It's really cute, Patty! I love skirts for summer.