My Tegna sweater: Finished!


Can I just say how much I love this sweater?! 

      TEGNA by Caitlin Hunter at Boyland Knitworks is such a fun project! It is knit bottom up, starting with the lovely lace at the hem. After that bit of concentration, it's on to the races with stockinette to the finish. When knitting sweaters, knitting up a preliminary gauge swatch is key, and after working that out I was able to get the most perfect fit of any sweater I have knit to date.
The only modification I made was to add length to the body: the Tegna pattern is written as a more cropped sweater, but I wanted one that was more tunic length.

That lace.......sigh......

Isn't this color so beautiful? It's Studio June heavy fingering weight yarn
 in the colorway Eight Bells. 

I used the helical knitting technique to alternate skeins of this hand dyed yarn to avoid an obvious change of color or pooling.

(In normal knitting in the round you work a single, complete spiral of stitches, where the last stitch of the previous round is adjacent to the first stitch of the next round. ... Helical knitting turns this on its head, and sets up multiple spirals all sitting on top of each other.

The picture above is a true representation of the golden orange color, and
also shows the lovely drape of the knitted fabric.

In October I was able to take a few days to visit my daughters and their families in Illinois.

Taking advantage of the lovely weather, a trip to the Brookfield Zoo was a fun
 social distancing field trip.
I wore my Tegna with the plan to snap a few pictures. Little did I know that a 
mural of a Monarch butterfly would present the perfect backdrop!

(yep....matching dinosaur shirts made by me....)

                      All masked up and amazed at the DINOSAUR in the pond!! 
                           Wouldn't it be great if we could all have the opportunity to see 
                           the wonders of the world through a child's eyes now and then! 



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