Sewing for Grandkids: Fall/early Winter 2020

                      Fall and early Winter 2020 found me spending many hours sewing for my grandchildren, which is so fun! I've been purchasing the Ottobre pattern magazine for children, as I really like the design esthetic....a little different from clothes that can be purchased here in the United States.


First up was a T-shirt and pair of shorts for my grandson, using fabric from JoAnn Fabrics & Hobby Lobby, as well as from my stash. I color-blocked the back yoke for some design interest.

                                      There was enough left for a T-shirt for his sister to match:

The kiddos wore their shirts to the Zoo, perfect for viewing the Dinosaur exhibit!

This little denim jumper from Ottobre was a good match to pair to with the dinosaur shirt:

I used the same pattern to make another denim jumper for another of my granddaughters,
the polka dot knit T-shirt really brightened up this outfit!

My daughter had scheduled an appointment for her family photo shoot, and she purchased
this green plaid brushed cotton and asked me to make a dress using
This is a great pattern, and the dress turned out to be just what my daughter wanted:

More sewing with Ottobre patterns: I made this cute tunic top and matching leggings 
for each of my four granddaughters. This double brushed poly knit from JoAnn Fabrics
is so soft! I think JoAnn has stepped up their game a bit with their fabric offerings, but 
I'm always sure to use the coupons offered as I think the fabric prices are inflated.

When I saw this woodland animal fabric, again at JoAnn Fabrics, I just loved it! 
Tunics with kangaroo pockets and matching leggings for the four granddaughters,
again using Ottobre patterns, showcased this cute fabric. 

Look close at the knit top for my grandson: there are panda faces hidden there!
The knit joggers have pockets, lined with the matching panda fabric.

This cute knit tunic top with a ruffle attached to the sleeve was another fun and easy 
Ottobre project.
This light pink knit with gold sparkly dots was made for my oldest granddaughter, and the fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby:

I had to make these comfy flannel pants for my grandson: they have BUGS on them!
He loves finding and learning about bugs!

Last but not least:
Now that our little granddaughter Rosie turned 2 years old, she is required to wear a mask
 at her daycare, so I was back to making masks for a bit. They are so little!



  1. loved seeing your makes and their models! I've started to get the Ottobre Kids as well but our little ones are far away so I'll be sewing blind, size wise. To that end, how true to age size did you find the patterns to be? In other words, would I be safe sewing something in a size 98 for a 3 year old? Thanks in advance for any direction you might offer. Gayle

  2. Well this is the cutest advertisement for sewing Ottobre patterns ever, lol! I am a big fan of their patterns, especially the styles and fit. Your grandkids look amazing, and you created the most adorable ensembles.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I just ordered the newest Ottobre for Kids magazine, as it is focused on knits and casual wear. Love the designs!


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