Monday, October 8, 2007

The Life of a High-Schooler

Such a busy weekend! My 16 year old son Matt was voted the Junior Class Representative for Homecoming week at his high school. So on Friday night my husband and I got to escort him on to the football field at half time. Then on Saturday, Matt played in the conference varsity tennis tournament, and helped his team take first place! He grabbed second place in 4th singles and an Honorable Mention for post-season conference honors. I'm a proud mama!
You can see how silly brothers are when they get older son is a junior at Central MI Univ
and came home to support his brother, and did a bang-up job video-taping half time for me!

These pictures were all taken Saturday night after tennis
and before Matt left to join his friends for dinner at
Ruby Tuesday's and then on to the Homecoming Dance held in the high school gym.


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  1. mom, it's kenny. this is my first visit to your page, and it looks really nice! blog away. . .!