Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knitted BOM from Sweet Pea's Yarn Shop

The picture below (before blocking) is of my finished 2010 Block-of-the-Month afghan sponsored by my local yarn shop, Sweet Pea's.
We did not choose the yarn colors, but did get to choose either pastels or jewel tones. Both were pretty, but I liked the pastels best. We knit 3 panels in blocks of four and then joined the rows together. I used a knit-on edging to finish my afghan, something I had not done before. The yarn used was a heavy wool worsted (#5) from Brown Sheep called Shepherds Shades, and it is very soft and squishy! It was fun to meet once/month to visit with the other ladies in the class, and to see what's new in the yarn shop.

 I signed up again for the 2011 BOM, this time knit in one color using a hand-dyed wool and mohair blend yarn from Red Barn Yarns. I chose a lovely light blue called Pacific Rim, as seen here. Included with the patterns for the BOM are directions to make a lovely wrap, since there 'should' be enough yarn left each month. Some of the knitters in the class say that it will be close, so we'll see how that all works out! I've yet to finish the block for January, but plan to work on that this weekend :-)

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  1. Thanks so much in sharing your blog with me, Patty! Just looking at all of your wonderful, creative projects makes me want to go home and....create!