Monday, February 7, 2011

Ottobre 05-2010 Knit Dress

I hate to admit it, but I've been subscribing to the Ottobre Woman pattern magazine for quite some time now, but have never sewn anything up! I think tracing the pattern off was a little daunting, but I had this cute, beefy cotton knit from that was calling out to me to be a comfy knit dress, and the May 2010 issue had the perfect little dress (pattern #10):

It fit right out of the box...the extra 1/4" I added at each side seam "just in case" wasn't needed, and I may take a little more in, we'll see. I used fusible stabilizing tape (LOVE that stuff!) around the neckline and at the hem. What you *won't* see close-up is the rather sloppy job I did with the pintucks at the front neckline. I should have place some stabilizer behind where the tucks were sewn, since it was hard to sew them straight with this knit. I made this up as a wearable muslin, so I left them in as is...didn't want to rip out that knit fabric which I think would have made it all look worse :-)
I'm wearing this at work today with tights and my ballet comfortable! It would look really cute with boots too :-) I plan to make this one again.

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