Tuesday, May 17, 2011

V1182: muslin

I don't why I always do this do myself, but here I am again with a deadline fast approaching! My nephew's wedding is this Saturday, and I have been planning to make this dress for at least 4 months. Yes, I know it is red, just like the pattern photo, but I am trying to sew up my stash and this fabric, a stretch sateen, was a great candidate for Vogue 1182

I am making a muslin of this one first, though I must admit I don't usually take the time to do this. But I have read a lot of reviews of this pattern online via PatternReview, and I think I'd better work out any fitting issues in the muslin stage first. The main reasons I enjoy garment sewing are 1.) I like to choose my own pattern and fabric and not see myself coming and going in the same retail pieces others are wearing, 2.) fit, and 3.) I just like sewing together all the pieces, going from flat fabric to a 3D garment. Of the last 3 weddings I've attended, twice there was another gal wearing my same dress :-(  And the third dress was a lovely, champagne-colored number, with a beaded bodice that just didn't fit right which made me uncomfortable all evening. 

Bodice front: still need the side fronts and collar, then a fitting evaluation: 

Back: although my dressform is a little smaller than I am, I think the extra couple of inches I added at the back side seams already appear to be too much. So glad I am making this alterations at the muslin stage and not with the fashion fabric!

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