Friday, January 20, 2012

Simplicity 2700

One thing I wanted to do last year, and didn't, was to fit a pants pattern for dress slacks for work. Years ago (many, many years ago!) when I could sew a pattern right out of the envelope without any fitting alterations, I had a TNT pattern that I used to make all of my slacks (narrow waistband, side zipper). I was feeling a little daunted by what I thought would be a big project, so I have been sewing dresses and skirts....but no fitted pants. Well, I am happy to say hurray for Simplicity 2700!! The pants below were the first attempt, and I used a stash fabric so old that I have no idea where or when I purchased it. I truly thought that these would be a practice pair, and maybe my wearable muslin if all went well. It did! 
This pattern by Simplicity is from their Amazing Fit line, designed with fitting options and instructions in mind. This style of pant is exactly what I like, and mimic my favorite pants made by Liz Claiborne. This pattern has a 4-piece curved yoke for the waistband, side pockets and fly front. The alterations that I needed to make included scooping out the crotch depth by 1/4" and narrowing the leg width below the hip using my favorite Claiborne pants as a guide.  

I don't know why the left side looks so pointy?! Must be the way the shirt is tucked in,....

Shown on my dress'll just have to take my word for it that the back lays flat like this on me too!

                                      Can't remember the last time I sewed a fly-front zipper, but this was easy,                                                        
                                               thanks to the clearly written directions.

                                             Look at that pocket: flat and no gaping!

Nice to have this goal met, now I plan to use another Amazing Fit pattern to make a skinny, cigarette pant.      With me luck!


  1. Fantastic pants, Patty, the look so pretty. Are the next pair in ponte?

  2. so proud of you, Patty! They look really great. I am about to travel down that pants road myself!