Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vogue 8731: They all can't be winners

I love the way Erdem utilizes border prints, especially this one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.
This fabric has been in my stash for awhile, waiting it's turn. I was initially excited to order it, but as it sometimes happens with online fabric purchases I was a bit let down. It is a very thin, clingy knit. Vogue 8731 was my pattern choice, since I had great success with it right out of the pattern envelope, as you can see here. Unfortunately, I had to scrap my plans for the longer, tunic length due to this fabric's clingy nature. The sleeves are made using a thin, burn-out knit off of the Red Tag table at JoAnn's from a year or so ago, which I also used to bind the neckline.

Too bad my inspired design fell is obvious below. This top does nothing for me!

(Photo taken at the Saturday knitting group at the local Tim Horton's)

Even with my disappointment, this top isn't a complete wadder, tho not sure I'll wear it outside the privacy of my own home  :-)!

Final thoughts: great pattern, pretty fabric but poor quality. Win some, lose some.


  1. Oh that is disappointing. It is pretty and that is a good pattern, but I can so identify with clingy knit. I don't have a clingy knit type body!!!

  2. Do you ever tuck your shirts? And what about tapering the sleeve at the wrist? The colors and patterns in the fabrics are beautiful.

  3. Ah come on- I don't hate this- tho it does make your bosom seem like an angry tiki god, but who doesn't need that sometimes?

  4. I really like the printed fabric! I also understand how disappointing it can be when our plans don't work out. Hopefully you will find some more lovely border fabric and get a second chance!

    1. I like that fabric too! But there as so many other beautiful fabrics out there for another try :-)