Me-Made-May 2019: Blackwood Cardigan #2

                I like and wear my first Blackwood Cardigan so much (blogged about here), that I thought I would make up another. This time I decided to make the shorter, hip-length version.
               Fabric is a poly knit from Haberman Fabrics, in a pretty coral color. I love coral with navy!

Not such a flattering pic (LOL), but I did want to show the nice fit through the shoulders
and the wide band at the hip. 

Although I am wearing this today with slacks, I know it will also be perfect to toss 
over a dress this summer. 

(Curious about the quilt in the background? I made this one a few years ago, motivated by a class I took with Gwen Marston on liberated quiltmaking. My inspiration was a photo I took on a golf course in Upper Michigan: it was a beautiful summer day with green grass, blue skies and orange monarch butterflies flitting around. Heavenly!)


  1. Coral looks lovely on you! I love your newest Blackwood cardigan, and agree that the Navy works so beautifully with it.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! It's fun to wear bright colors like this coral after winter when I wear mostly black and gray :-)


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