Knitting Olympics 2010: Tie One On

Whew!! After lots and lots of knitting this weekend, I was able to finish my 2010 Knitting Olympics challenge by the end of closing ceremonies! I was helped a lot by the modifications that I had to make due to a shortage of yarn to complete this wrap. Since this yarn was rather expensive, I really did not want to purchase any additional ( I used 2 skeins of ArtYarns Mohair Splash, 246S), so I left off the last pattern repeat and had to make the ties shorter than indicated by the pattern. I'm fine with the size of this wrap, but I do wish the ties were longer. But that's okay, I can still make it work as long as I have a pin/brooch to secure the front. Knitting with this yarn was easier than I expected, for some reason I thought that the sequins would be an issue. I really like the random placement of the bling! All in all, I am pleased with my first Olympic knitting project, and now I have this lovely wrap to show for it!


  1. That is so pretty. I love the delicate texture of the mohair and the pin you have chosen is perfect.


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