Butterick 5246

My favorite outfit to wear to work is a knit dress with tights or leggings and flats or boots. Having made Butterick 5246 a couple of years ago unsuccessfully, I thought I would give it another go. I loved the boat necked cowl, and the empire waist. I purchased this beefy knit from Haberman Fabrics last fall, and I was excited to make it into a dress. I had notes about what went wrong with the fit last time, and now that the FBA and swayback adjustments are ones I know how to do, I was excited to move forward. 
Looks cute, huh?

I like this boat neck cowl!

                            This time I made about a 1/2" swayback adjustment, and the back fits better.

Well, there are issues.  I wish I would have looked a little closer at the armhole draft on the pattern! I thought the tightness in the bodice was from the lack of an FBA, but I think the armhole draft contributes too. I compared the armhole for this dress, B5246 on the left, with the armhole on the knit top I had just made, V8731 on the right. Then the light went on for me......that L-shaped armhole just doesn't fit. Evidently I need the more 'open' curve as on the V8731. After ripping out to get more 'room' in the armcyce and the side seam, I was able to make it fit good enough, but this dress won't be one of my favorites to wear since it is still a little uncomfortable. Too bad, I L.O.V.E this fabric.

I think I will remedy the situation by reworking what I have. Although I like the cowl, this fabric is white on the wrong side, and I had to remove the necklace since it kept pulling the cowl down and exposing the wrong side. The armhole area  just isn't going to work either. I'll remove the cowl and make a scoop neck, and remove the sleeves to make it a sleeveless jumper that I'll wear with a T-shirt or turtleneck. If that doesn't make me happy, there is plenty of fabric there to refashion it into a skirt. Lessons learned :-)


  1. Cute??? Adorable! So comfortable and I really lobe that fabric! You have to be the best dressed at the office!

  2. I like your attitude. Will you post more on this dress if you re-work it?

    And, I do like the dress on you. Cute.

  3. It is so cute, Patty, sounds like you have a great plan to make it work. Good luck and I agree with Lynne, gorgeous fabric.

  4. Hi Patty! Just saying hello and happy sew-along!

  5. I too like the boatneck cowl. I like your solution to refashion this cause the fabric is so likeable and it looks good on you. One other suggestion, maybe you could scoop out the armholes a little more in the dress and if you have more fabric redo the sleeves.

    Whatever you do, I think it will become something you like. Love that you keep trying to make it work.


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